Systems and Technology

The latest technology and innovative practices to securely transfer and manage your Self Administered funds.


Benefits administration is a difficult, increasingly complex business. Constant regulatory changes and adjustments to health care and pension plans demand more than just hard work to effectively manage. As a TPA, Zenith American Solutions must keep up with the technology trends and innovations to continue providing best-in-class services to our clients and their members. As the result, many self-administered Taft-Hartley trust funds and third-party administrators like Zenith American need easy-to-use, cost-effective, data-driven systems for a new era of administration.

As the largest Taft-Hartley third-party administrator in the United States, we’ve used our industry know-how and resources to develop leading-edge technologies for our own use, as well as for self-administered trust funds.

We are proud to offer our own unique Claims processing and Benefit administration solutions. They are web-based or Internet-accessible solutions that facilitate seamless front office and back office operations. Zenith American has invested in a world class PMO (Project Management Office) that works to ensure each new implementation, enhancement, or change is managed to ensure a quality on time delivery. The team uses PMI standards and project management tools along with IT industry best practices. These tools focus on quality and ensuring the best possible end result for each and every user.

Billing, Eligibility, and Pension

The Zenith American's Benefit Administration systems handle contribution accounting, eligibility, and pension administration.  Our powerful and flexible systems tackle the growing complexities of Multi-Employer/Taft-Hartley administration—including eligibility and pension benefit calculations, contract management, hours-bank rules, COBRA, and HIPAA compliant.


Claims Processing

Zenith American Solutions health claims processing system is designed to help us excel in our service commitment. We pride ourselves on getting the job done right.


Online Reporting and Web Services

Zenith American Solutions provides a powerful multidimensional data and intuitive tool to collect and report on medical claims data for our clients. The tool can be accessed by authorized users via a web browser.  In addition, we developed a web portal to store client reports so that they can be viewed and downloaded on demand; this reduces the need to store volumes of paper reports.

We provide to our clients the ability to develop a customized multifunctional, self-service, website to meet the following needs:
  • To improve communications with members (e.g. advise of changes to benefit plans, notification of open enrollment, etc.)
  • To provide members with quick, easy, secure access to their data (e.g. work history, processed medical claims, pension statements).
  • To provide access for service providers (e.g. physicians, hospitals, medical professionals).
  • To provide online open enrollment as well as changes in enrollment.
  • To reduce the use of paper forms by providing online forms.
  • To provide a repository for all Trust related documents for easy and quick reference by Trustees.
  • To provide a secure “portal” for Trustees, where confidential information and documents can be shared and archived.
  • To reduce calls to the front office.

Some of the key customized website features include:
  • A secure, interactive website containing participant specific information obtained directly from benefit applications on our Benefit Administration and Claims systems.
  • Members can view eligibility, work history, dependent data, defined contribution history and balances, pension statements, claim history, EOB’s on demand, vacation balances, HRA balances, etc.
  • Interactive electronic forms.
  • Access to published data for Trust authorized professionals including, providers, actuaries, accountants, Trustees, etc.
  • Sophisticated online benefit enrollment.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) to other vendor/partner websites.
  • Content Management System to enable easy and frequent website information updates.