Our Client Services Team -
Supporting America’s Workforce

 As a trusted TPA partner, we provide our clients and their membership with
tailored solutions, a superior customer experience and local personalized service.

Client Services Ensures Your Success

We understand that every client is unique. That’s why each of our clients is assigned a primary and secondary Client Services Executive (Account Manager) with technical knowledge of plan design, federal regulations and requirements.

Our Client Services team will oversee day-to-day management of your plan, assist with problem resolution and have direct access to senior-level expertise.

Client Services solutions we provide include:

  • Coordinating Board of Trustee meetings and related tasks.
  • Serving as custodian of all Trust/Administrative records.
  • Facilitating communications with vendors, advisors and membership.
  • Preparing Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs).
  • Attending benefit fairs and pre-retirement seminars.
  • Conducting business agent training on plan benefits.
  • Coordinating financial transactions with Investment Consultants according to Fund rules.
  • Enrolling Trustees in educational seminars.
  • Managing implementation of new vendors selected by the client.

A Trusted Partner for You and Your Members

Our priority is to deliver best-in-class service to our clients and their membership, employers, Trustees and plan professionals. We strive to live up to our name as a Solutions provider. 

Throughout our history, we’ve frequently asked ourselves tough questions and have adapted to the ever-changing industry landscape. When we reflected on our values, our past and where we’d like to grow, we kept coming back to one big question: What do our clients look for in their Third-Party Administrator? 

The answer: a caring, competent, trusted partner. 


Recent Feedback


"Zenith came on with a fully competent staff to address all areas of concern that we had, and they geared up. They have done a phenomenal job understanding our trust, contractor and member needs.

They came on board very knowledgeable, and it was easy to address issues because they already did their homework and did not need to be educated. This helped tremendously in addressing problems as we could move straight to developing and then executing solutions.

They have only been fully functioning as our Administrator since April 1st of 2021 and already so many of our Participants have felt the added benefits and technologies that they have brought to our table. We are very much looking forward to this working relationship and what the added benefit of such a competent and caring administrator will bring to the table for our Local."


- Cindy Austin, Executive Manager, NECA
- Randy Curry, President, IBEW 191
- Craig Jones, Business Manager, IBEW 191