Banking and Financial Services

High level expertise in all aspects of financial accounting and regulatory reporting.

Financial Accounting Administration

Preparation of Financial Statements

A customized balance sheet and income and expense statements are produced on a monthly basis, and year-end GAAP basis financial statements in compliance with the requirements for SAS112 / SAS 115.

Governmental Filings

Zenith American fulfills all regulatory and reporting requirements for our clients providing accurate information in a timely manner to all providers, participants, and tax authorities regarding benefit payments.  Our financial accounting staff prepares and files all required monthly, quarterly and annual tax forms along with the appropriate tax payments.

Payment of Plan Expenses

Zenith American processes all administrative invoices according to established Trust procedures and prepares monthly disbursement letters listing all administrative plan expenses in compliance with Trust procedures.

Record Keeping

We maintain all financial records, including but not limited to: maintain a proper accounting system reflecting all receipts and disbursements, maintain sufficient documentation to support all transactions recorded in the general ledger of the Trust.  Process and manage cash transfers as directed by a designated representative of the Trust.  Provide monthly financial statements to Trustees and other designated plan professionals along with financial information and documentation to external auditors or governmental agencies.

Pension Plan Administration

Zenith American Solutions offers defined benefit and defined contribution pension plan administration.
Our services include:
  • Application and inquiry processing
  • Production of benefit checks and FTEs
  • Tax filings
  • Other government required notices and reports
  • Annual reports of individual and group statistics
  • Assistance preparing plan documents, amendments, and summary plan descriptions
  • Detailed work history with contribution reporting
  • Annual benefit statements
  • Zenith American supports a broad range of withdrawal services including trust-to-trust transfers, participant loans, and hardship withdrawals
  • Discrimination testing
  • 100% quality review of all pension transactions
  • Age 70 1/2 search
  • Annual death index search
  • Annual disability reviews