Health Plans

A health plan model driven by you.

Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP), featuring the following:

Healthcare Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Zenith American provides our clients with access to HRA and HSA programs designed to reduce plan expenditures, while educating participants on wise usage of their health care dollars.  HRA and HSA claim processing is coordinated with the traditional health plan, providing a seamless, inclusive program overall.

Consumer Empowerment Tools

Through partnerships with CareAllies and WorldDoc, Zenith American is able to provide clients with access to the following:
  • A health and wellness website
  • Coaching programs
  • Health fair assistance with health screenings
  • A 24-hour nurseline
  • Health risk assessments with stored results
  • Health information libraries
  • Provider Database to help participant choose a provider that meets their needs while managing their health care dollars

Website activity is tracked and detailed employer reports are generated to evaluate the percentage of participants who have visited the site, modified their health related behaviors, reduced their number of annual doctor visits or otherwise improved their health.

Zenith American will also work with any vendors retained by the Trust.

Plan Options

Entire Replacement Plan
Clients can choose to exclusively offer a consumer driven health plan rather than a traditional health plan.

Optional Plan
Clients can choose to offer both a consumer driven health plan and a traditional medical plan.  Zenith American coordinates claims payment between the two plans thus minimizing the paperwork for the plan participant.