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Privacy and Security Officer Services

Through our innovative solutions, Zenith American Solutions can now assist a covered entity with their HIPAA compliance obligations. HIPAA compliance is more important than ever - since 2003, the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) has settled and issued penalties for HIPAA offenses in 53 cases resulting in over $75 million in fines.

When a Covered Entity names Zenith's HIPAA-certified expert to serve as its Privacy & Security Officer, Zenith's qualified team assumes the following HIPAA responsibilities:
  • Ensure Trustees complete HIPAA training
  • Ensure HIPAA-related documents are in place and reviewed periodically (e.g. Policies & Procedures, HIPAA Rights forms, Notice of Privacy Practices and BAA agreements) - may be delegated to different professionals (e.g. BAs, fund counsel and consultant)
  • Manage complaints, incidents & breaches from all vendors
  • Monitor HIPAA compliance of Plan’s BAs
  • Perform self-audit and prepare for Health & Human Services audit (response due to HHS within 10 business days)
  • Perform a security risk assessment, as necessary, and addressing gaps identified
  • Coordinating HIPAA regulatory audits of the Plan
  • Keeping Trustees apprised of HIPAA compliance matters
  • Consolidating all HIPAA compliance efforts with one business partner
  • Cooperating, as directed, with the Covered Entity’s other advisors

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