Fraudulent Contact Tracer Campaign

The following warning originates from the Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Information:
A number of citizens are being impacted by a fraudulent Contact Tracer campaign. What is a Contact Tracer, a Contact Tracer is an employee of a state department of public health. They work to identify other persons who may be at risk of being infected, due to their proximity to a another infected person. Generally, infected persons will provide names and phone numbers of anyone they may have infected to a Contact Tracer. This notification activity is good and valid activity. The scam campaign works to impersonate a Contact Tracer for malicious purposes.
What to look for and how to prevail…
Appropriate Contact Tracer activity may begin with a text message from a health department letting you know that you’ll receive a call from a specific phone number. A valid Contact Tracer will not ask for your personal information. During the call, some states may ask if you would like to enroll in a text message program, which sends daily health & safety reminders until your 14-day quarantine ends.

Contact Tracers won’t ask you for money or information like your Social Security, bank account, or credit card number. “If” you should be asked for such information, ask them to confirm “who” the infected person was. Ask for which state department of public health they work for. Say thank you and end the call. Then attempt to contact the state department of public health or the reported individual infected. Verify the reported information.