Coronavirus Continuity of Operation Measures

A Message from our President
The Coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented, forcing new and unique contingency of operations planning across many businesses world-wide. Please know that we at Zenith American Solutions remain singularly focused upon safeguarding your interests and continuing to provide you with the highest levels of service and support possible in this unique environment.  We concurrently have an obligation to take care of our greatest asset, the people of Zenith who serve you.

Zenith American Solutions conducts Business Continuity Disaster Recovery exercises on an annual basis. These efforts ensure that we are adaptable, agile and resilient in the normal course. In this highly unusual environment, we’ve initiated many compensating workflows to ensure continued reliability and sustained operations.   It goes without saying that an issue that impacts all offices and all states pushes the limits of preparedness.
Presently, all Zenith offices remain open as of today (3/16/2020) and operations are continuing to operate within normal parameters.  We are continuously monitoring impacts across our operations and adapting as needed in this fluid environment. Local governments in a number of areas we serve have communicated that regardless of any specific event, they may be taking actions which could impact Zenith locations.  As an essential provider of services for the continuity of care and key financial support, we will work with those governments to evaluate any new rules issued.  We remain confident that we have measures in place to manage through most potential events or disruptions. We commit to remain transparent in the event that specific offices or operations become impaired during this world-wide event. 
This is what we have in place today:
  • A formal incident response team has been established for COVID-19, alongside a formal continuity of operations team. Each team is meeting regularly for real-time national attention and response capabilities.
  • Business travel has been eliminated except where mandated by Clients. We will continue to support in-person meetings as required by our Clients; however, we encourage our Clients to manage meetings remotely where possible.  Zenith has resources to assist in a remote meeting environment. 
  • We are limiting third party vendors permitted in our offices in an effort to minimize cross-contamination potential.
  • Our client service managers are engaged one on one with our Clients, ensuring that our Clients are receiving personal and timely attention to their needs or concerns.
  • We are identifying alternatives to our model regarding walk-ins within each office.  Our client service managers will be engaging directly with our impacted Clients regarding the changes being made to limit exposure and not further the potential of a situation which could degrade our ability to service our clients.
  • We are maximizing remote work opportunities where possible to permit work at home. This transition of work is regulated by established policy to ensure continuity of services and protection of process integrity. This opportunity helps minimize contagion spread and minimize key staff risk exposures to infection.
  • Employees returning from overseas locations or otherwise having been exposed to the coronavirus (COVID-19) are to remain at home (self-quarantined) for a 14-day period;
  • Employees not feeling well are directed to avoid fellow employees or office locations; and instead seek supervisor approval for remote work where possible if well enough to continue to work;
  • Appropriate COVID-19 hygiene guidance has been disseminated to our workforce to prevent and minimize cross contamination opportunities.
As the preceding shows, we are working to have Client specific plans in place where needed to accommodate client impacts, closures, etc.  Please continue to communicate with your Client Services team so we can stay informed and pivot as needed to address any concerns.
We recognize that in spite of all measures taken this unprecedented situation will introduce many unknowns that are yet to be fully realized. At this time, we believe that our protocols and procedures demonstrate the highest levels of proactivity, diligence and responsibility to ensure our continued business continuity.
Craig E. Steffen